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Tattoo Removal Consultation

  • 1 hour
  • 80 US dollars

Service Description

The consultation payment go's towards the service. CONTRAINDICATIONS TO THE PROCEDURE Pregnancy, breast-feeding; Cold, elevated body temperature; Herpes; Suntan (less than 4 weeks); Eyebrows dyed by color/henna (less than 4 weeks); Acute skin disorders; Tendency to form keloid scars; Blood clotting disorder; Diabetes type I; Oncology; Autoimmune disorders; Mental illness; Epilepsy; Elevated blood pressure; Alcohol intake before and after the procedure; Administration of the isotretinoin drugs less than 6 months before the procedure, gold sulfides, topical retinoid less than 2 weeks before the procedure, drugs that cause photosensitivity. Less than 8 weeks after the removal procedures. How many procedures I need? The number of procedures for eyebrows tattoo removal is individual, the average is 3. The number of procedures for tattoo removal is individually and calculated approximately according to the Kirby-Deasy table during the consultation with the examination, normally between 4 and 12. EYEBROWN TATTOO REMOVAL SESSION - $125 SMALL TATTOO REMOVAL SESSION - $125 MEDIUM TATTOO REMOVAL SESSION - $260 LARGE TATTOO REMOVAL SESSION - $ 440 EXTRA LARGE TATTOO REMOVAL SESSION - $ 620

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