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Procell MD + Diamond Microdermabrasion

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 400 US dollars

Service Description

PROCELL + DIAMOND MICRODERMABRASION + LED LIGHT THERAPY Procell MD is used to treat clients above the age of 30 with more severe wrinkles, pitted acne scarring, larger pores, active acne or hyperpigmentation. THE BENEFITS OF PROCELL THERAPY ◉ Helps reduce or even eliminate scars from the skin. ◉ Correcting acne scars. ◉ Say goodbye to your fine lines and wrinkles. ◉Improves the appearance of hyperpigmentation. ◉Improves sun damage and dark spots. ◉There is NO downtime. You may need to avoid Procell™ if you have: ◉Uncontrolled diabetes. ◉Chronic inflammatory skin disease. ◉Bleeding disorders. ◉Active radiation or chemotherapy treatments. ◉Stainless steel allergies. We recommend the use of Procell serums after and during the entire treatment for best results. Price of the two products $295 (lasts 10-12 weeks) - Paid separately.

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