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Hollywood Carbon Laser + LED Light

  • 1 hour
  • 260 US dollars

Service Description

With age, facial skin gradually becomes wrinkled. This is caused by genetic factors, and exposure to sunlight, and is aggravated by unhealthy habits like smoking. In fact, the formation of these wrinkles is related to the changes that are happening in the deeper layers of the skin and are the results of the weakening of the supporting structures and the reduction of the collagen levels in the skin. Although the use of topical creams, oral medications, and following a healthy diet can help slow down this process, there are also various methods such as carbon laser peel available to remove these skin wrinkles. Stay with us to the end to learn more about carbon laser facial before and after. Laser exfoliation with carbon is used to restore the youthful and attractive appearance of the skin. A laser is a strong light beam that consists of pure light energy and can precisely exfoliate the damaged areas of the skin. Carbon laser facial is a breakthrough method used to improve the quality of facial skin. With the explosion, it creates on the skin and inside the open pores, the carbon laser facial, in addition to exfoliation, stimulates collagen production and restores the beauty of your skin; The laser absorption process in the layers of the skin leads to the acceleration of the reconstruction of your skin’s structure. Advantages of Carbon Laser Facial Seeing the results immediately after carbon therapy with laser Fast procedure Painless No complications, no inflammation, redness, or swelling and No particular care is required, except avoiding the sun Before Carbon Laser Peeling You do not need special preparation for carbon laser facial, but it helps to consider the following: -Do not use aspirin or blood thinning supplements 2 weeks before carbon laser peeling. -Do not use any skincare products that contain retinol for 2 weeks before carbon peeling. -You may need to temporarily stop acne medication before treatment. Do not smoke for at least 2 weeks before treatment. Contraindications of Carbon Laser Facial -Active acne -Pregnancy -Immune system weakness -Uncontrolled diabetes -Dark skin (skin types 5 and 6) -Very dry skin -Recurrent herpes, in which case oral acyclovir can be used the day before carbon laser facial

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